Park Sound Studio is a professional recording studio located in North Vancouver, BC. It is run by Andy and Dan of the band, Echo Nebraska. Their focus is to record good music and create good vibes.

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Park Sound Studio was founded in 2017 by Echo Nebraska bandmates Andy Schichter and Dan Ponich. The idea of starting a studio together came about on the road in the fall of 2016. The night they returned from tour, the two visited an empty facility on the North Shore and started to put their dream of running a recording studio into reality. Being in a band, Andy & Dan have learned a lot about the DIY music industry and are hoping to pass on that knowledge to others navigating the waters themselves. They’ve created, released, marketed and toured their music. Not only does Park Sound record great sounds, but they offer additional music industry marketing services for those wondering, “what happens next?" Most importantly, they’re hoping to support and become a staple in Vancouver’s thriving music scene.


Park Sound Studio is a cozy, well-equipped, affordable environment with lots of good vibes. The facility is approximately 1000 sq. ft. There is a live room (15.5″x17″), a spacious control room and kitchenette/lounge area with a full washroom.

Bre McDaniel, Jess Vaira & Ian Badger

Park Sound Presents: November 24, 2018

Each month, Park Sound Studio hosts concerts showcasing three acts, typically from the Vancouver area. On November 24th, we’re welcoming Bre McDaniel, Jess Vaira & Ian Badger. All tickets come with a complimentary beer from Balderdash Brewing. BYOB after that.

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