North Vancouver, BC

Boutique recording studio

Park Sound Studio is a recording studio located in North Vancouver, BC. Run by producers Andy Schichter and Dan Ponich, the studio is known for its friendly and creative staff, diverse selection of gear, and commitment to the Vancouver music scene.

The Facility

Built to fulfill visions and express creativity

Park Sound Studio is a cozy, well-equipped environment with an excellent selection of recording equipment and instruments. Our gear list includes an assortment of high-end recording equipment from Neve, Neumann, Ludwig, Universal Audio an Ampeg to local favourites Radial, Prestige Guitars, and Advanced Audio.

The facility is approximately 1000 sq. ft. There is a live room (15.5″x17″), a spacious control room and kitchenette/lounge area with a full washroom. And did we mention that our fridge is always full of complimentary beer courtesy of Balderdash Brewing?

A Little Of Our Story

Producers and bandmates

Park Sound Studio’s history dates back to 2016 on a fall night in Revelstoke, BC. While on the last day of a 2-week Western Canadian tour in their former band, Echo Nebraska, producers Andy Schichter and Dan Ponich sought to open a studio together. The next day, they made the 7-hour drive back to Vancouver and viewed the space that would become home to Park Sound Studio. The studio officially opened in March 2017.

Park Sound Presents

In-studio performances

Since September 2017, we have hosted monthly intimate concerts in our studio featuring local and touring acts. The shows provided artists an opportunity to perform in a recording studio environment in front of a live audience. The concert series was also one of the only outlets on the North Shore to showcase original music.

See our Past Shows
Park Sound Goes Virtual

Virtual concert series

On March 21st, 2020, we moved quickly to host a virtual concert on Instagram with some of our favourite local acts. That night raised over $1,400 for the performing artists. It was so much fun that we made it a regular Saturday night event for the next few months, as COVID-19 restrictions prevented musicians from performing live. The streams featured a wide range of talents BC has to offer, including: 2017 CBC Searchlight winners, The Long War; 2016 CBC Searchlight winner, Desiree Dawson; & 2017 MMVA winner Tonye Aganaba.

Park Sound Studio Today

For the past 4 years, we have strived to make Park Sound Studio a staple on the Vancouver music scene. We have a vested interest in the success of our clients, offering grant writing and marketing opportunities in addition to production. Beyond the studio, Dan has his own songwriting outlet called LA Solution Center. Andy manages folk songwriter, Zach Kleisinger.

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