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Andy Schichter

Owner, Producer, Engineer

Andy Schichter is a 4x WCMA-nominated producer and audio engineer based in Vancouver, BC, where he operates and works out of Park Sound Studio. His years of traditional and practical studio experience, combined with meticulous attention to detail and an innate desire for collaboration, have built him a career working alongside a long list of influential Canadian and international artists. Andy’s productions have been featured on CBC Radio, Stingray, Sirius XM, and numerous Spotify and Apple Music-curated playlists. Most recently, his work with Trust This Mechanism, Cara Bateman and Anna Katarina earned Producing and Audio Engineering nominations at the 2022, 2023 and 2024 Western Canadian Music Awards.

Andy’s early career began with an apprenticeship under Grammy Award-nominated producer Tucker Martine, where he worked on projects such as The Decemberists’ The King is Dead (#1 US Billboard 200) and Beth Orton’s Sugaring Season (#26 UK Albums Chart). Through this mentorship and the accumulation of his own projects, Andy developed a distinctive style blending vintage gear with modern production techniques. This approach has allowed him to work within a diverse range of genres and styles, including recent projects alongside Juno-nominees Rare Americans, Sleepy Gonzales, Jack Botts, and Anna Katarina.

As a teenager in Waterloo, ON, Andy became fixated on the science behind recording and began uncovering the seemingly infinite methods of capturing and twisting sound. This fascination with the finer details of music has remained integral to his process and, blended with his patience and eagerness to collaborate, has allowed artists to feel a sense of trust and security in Andy’s presence. This special, ubiquitous feeling cannot be forced in a studio setting, though it permits unhindered expression and experimentation when it is present.

Andy is also a prolific mixing engineer and is continually relied upon by national and international artists to finish their artistic vision. He approaches each project determined to listen to what the artist sees and hears before ever touching a knob. His patience and consideration of an artist’s vision are always present as he strives to create, together, the unique colour palette needed for each project’s landscape.

In addition to his career as a producer and engineer, Andy works closely with established and rising stars in their career development through management, tour booking, and grant writing. Andy has written numerous successful FACTOR, Creative BC, Music BC, and Canada Council for the Arts grants. He also sits on the board of jurors for FACTOR, Music BC, the WCMAs, and the JUNOs.

Dan Ponich

Owner, Producer, Engineer

After spending his formative years growing up in Kelowna playing bass and guitar, Dan moved to Vancouver in 2011 and started playing with local indie rock bands.

in 2016, Dan graduated from Harbourside Institute of Technology with a diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production, Dan subsequently opened Park Sound with Andy in June 2017. In an effort to further hone his skills, in 2019 Dan took part in Evil Joe Baresi's Pro Sound Workshop, learning first hand tips and tricks from the notorious producer who produces records from Queens of the Stone Age, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold and more. Dan now works on an array of music at Park Sound with many talented bands and songwriters. He plays guitar, bass and keys, but is truly sparkling if/when he gets to play percussion on recordings. While truly being a fan of all music, his production shines on alt-rock, folk, pop-rock and music that would make your grandparents cry.

Dan also plays in an indie rock band called Dusknote and when he isn’t at the studio, he may be teaching a class at SAE Vancouver, but is most likely at home with his wife Megan and their feline companions Sushi & Wasabi.