Park Sound Studio opened its doors in May 2017.
Below is a list of artists and companies that Andy and Dan have worked with at Park Sound and various other studios.

Adam Charles Wilson
Adam Hill
Amber Hills
Ardent Tribe
Beth Orton
Black Prairie
Chatterton Eve
Dave Stringer
Don Binns (of Sons of Freedom)
Elle Wolf
Echo Nebraska
Fear of Noise
Go Auto
Give Peace a Chant

Hot Air
Isaiah Ben Emanuel
Jason Matheny
Joe Goudreau
Josiah Taschuk
Karen Hefford and Katie Green
Kathryn Calder
Lucas Cole
Malaya Cooks
Mark Middler
Matt Hopkins
MSN Canada
Nicholas Diletti
Saskatoon Blades
Scott Winterstone

SJ Kurtis
Son Howler
Starlight Pines
The Dead Zones
The Decemberists
The Enemy Feathers
The Lunas
The Stunt People
Thao with The Get Down Stay Down
Tristan Smith
Troy Klassen & The Worthy
Violet Height
95.7 The Sound